And with those words

I felt the fingers of guilt

Slither in and grip my heart

Squeezing until my blood

Turned to ice

And the air

In my lungs

Gave out

Killing me


Until my skin withered and hair fell out

And my corpse was lain to rest

For an eternity of rotting feelings

And tortured thoughts

Thus the guilt consumed me



The itch pumps through my veins

Crawling underneath my skin

Gnawing at my brain.

I swat at it with my bare hands

But grasp thin air, miserably.

I hear a cackle


Inside me

The evil critter knows no boundaries.

I crave to be set free

and to live out my days peacefully.

My fingers twitch

As though I have Parkinson’s

My face is hagged like that of a witch

This is my cursed existence

From a liaison with addiction.