I wish I could burn all of my memories

And watch their ashes blow away in the wind

So that there would be nothing left to choke me

When I am alone in abysmal silence.

Dead Friendship

I began to give up on you

Thinking you didn’t care

Now you knock on my door

Saying you missed me

And telling me you’re scared

For you’ve just had a brain scan

Which has discovered a tumour in your head

And now they need to operate

Or you might soon be dead

I have missed you too

So much my feelings turned to lead

Because I am fed up of being led on by you

When I know our friendship is dead.

My Little Rose

My my, how you have grown

From a delicate rose petal

With brush-stroke perfect lips

And kisses soft as snow

To a fierce warrior

Holding her bow

Aimed at those crooked soldiers

Who dare to storm the plains down below

As they prepare to ransack our sacred home.

I remember long ago

You used to play innocently in that meadow

Before it was washed crimson from bloodshed

And now you stand victorious

Overlooking the fallen battlefield all alone

My little rose, our village’s hero.