She died long ago

That girl in the picture frame

With her puppy dog eyes

And tight piggy tailed curls

They’ve faded into distant memories

Buried far beneath the soil

Her soul whimpers as it’s tossed

By the winds of Tartarus

No one mourns her,

No one has noticed/ As

Her body lives on

Smiling like a puppet pulled by strings

And from the deep pits of hell

She wonders if anyone will ever notice.


I don’t want to ever cry again

Knowing how my tears stab you

I love you and I keep hoping that

Everything will be alright

As you hug me tight

It’s not enough

This guilt. It’s overpowering.

I choke on my own clumsy breath

And I have this image of death

Set in my head

I scream silently

For an escape from this idealisation of escape

I will never find solace

Earth is my limbo.


I wish I could burn all of my memories

And watch their ashes blow away in the wind

So that there would be nothing left to choke me

When I am alone in abysmal silence.

Dead Friendship

I began to give up on you

Thinking you didn’t care

Now you knock on my door

Saying you missed me

And telling me you’re scared

For you’ve just had a brain scan

Which has discovered a tumour in your head

And now they need to operate

Or you might soon be dead

I have missed you too

So much my feelings turned to lead

Because I am fed up of being led on by you

When I know our friendship is dead.