Memorising Latin Grammar and Vocabulary

The basic intellectual process involved in using electronic tools versus pen and paper/ whiteboard is very different yet both are beneficial to different purposes.

Numen’s Latin Lexicon seems like a valuable resource for learning Latin though not so helpful for memorising it. It has functions that facilitate understanding about the form of a verb, its pronunciation, and its uses within sentences; as well as checking correct spelling etc.; and it has an option to create flashcards. Although, I personally found this website difficult to navigate and with little difference to the help one would gain from a textbook or a dictionary.

In the past, I’ve used pen and paper to create flashcards however this has been quite tedious. In comparison, the website and app studyblue ( has been incredibly useful for me recently. I’ve found that preparing the flash cards is a lot quicker than on paper and, since it’s electronic, the means of testing these cards are more flexible. For example, using the information provided, the app creates a test featuring multiple-choice questions, true or false, and fill-in-the-blank modes. The cards can also be flipped, randomised, and studied in different orders, which means you can easily test both passive and active memory types.

Conversely, I have found writing forms out into tables using coloured markers to be incredibly useful. The colours are eye-catching, making them easier to focus on as opposed to learning the forms off a black and white screen. The act of writing the forms out on paper is a learning exercise in and of itself as it aids with solidifying the information since you must think more deeply about the content when writing it yourself. Furthermore, the repetition of writing and re-writing the forms is invaluable as compared to merely reading them off a screen.

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