Heritage by County: Paper Trail Data

In lieu of AncestryDNA releasing their ‘genetic communities’ feature as well as the new LivingAncestors test I have mapped the specific counties from which my ancestors were born (all ancestors born within UK and Ireland). I have drawn the information from my ggg-grandparents. I explain the process I followed and show the final result.

Charting Ancestors

If you were to complete this exercise you should have sixty-four ancestors (I have sixty-two due to a couple of my ancestors engaging in consanguinity). We inherit approximately x 1.56% of DNA from each of our sixty-four ancestors (where my ancestors’ consanguine relationship was I attributed x 2.38 % to all four affected individuals). Using this data, I made a chart including the ancestors name, their county and country of birth (where unknown I entered the county and country of their child and indicated the uncertainty with the word ‘probably’- which will later place these percentages into another table), their family line within my pedigree, and their score (since not all of my ancestors received a x 1.56% score).

Here is a snippet of my chart showing how all of this looks:

Name County, Country Ancestry 1.56% score
1 Alexander Sneddon Stirlingshire, Scotland Sneddon paternal line 1.56
15 John Clarke Unkown, probably County Down, Ireland Roberts maternal line 1.56
27 Unknown Proudlove Probably Staffordshire, England Perkins paternal line 1.56
49 John Chambers Unknown, probably Yorkshire, England Chambers paternal line 2.38


Calculating County Percentages

I then used the data above to calculate how much of each county would contribute to my DNA. I counted how many ancestors belonged to each county (know and estimated) and multiplied those numbers by 1.56 to arrive at the percentage I would then attribute to that county. Here is a snippet of how this looks in the format I used:

Location: Stirlingshire, Scotland Percentage
Known 5
Estimated 0
Total 7.8%
Location: Lanarkshire, Scotland Percentage
Known 3
Estimated 0
Total 4.68%
Location: County Down, Ireland Percentage
Known 1
Estimated 3
Total 6.24%
Location: Forest of Dean, England Percentage
Known 0
Estimated 4
Total 6.24%
Location: Yorkshire, England Percentage
Known 11 + 1(x2.38)
Estimated 4 + 2(x2.38)
Total 30.53%
Location: Middlesex, England Percentage
Known 0
Estimated 4
Total 6.24%
Location: Derbyshire, England Percentage
Known 5
Estimated 0
Total 7.8%


Final Results

This is the pie chart I produced using those percentages as a way of visualising all the data nicely:

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.43.31 pm.png

I then placed colour-coded stars (corresponding to the pie chart) over a map to help see where all the places are:

Genealogical Geography Chart:Map.png

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