The Nightmares

Glass crunched as my car was shoved across the lanes of the freeway by another driver, who had merged into me without properly shoulder checking. My car spun as his car hit mine causing another car, in turn, to ram into me also, this one making my car flip. A loud ringing noise tore through my ears like a terrible banshee foreboding death. All I could see was the colour red before my eyes felt too heavy to hold open.

This was the beginning of the end.

I wake up to the persistent shrill of a small bird cooing in the new morning. As I sit up, I am struck by the lightness of my own body. It feels like I’m floating though I’m not. I’m sitting in an emerald forest surrounded by small, curious birds watching me. One asks me, are you awake? I yawn and answer, “Unfortunately.”

He pecks my arm and a sharp pain stings through to my bone. I yelp instinctively. “What was that for!?”

He cocks his head to the side, jumps around, and says, “You’re lucky to be alive.”

I feel my lips tighten into a frown. I didn’t feel lucky. In fact, I felt a dreading sense of purposelessness loom over me like a sour type of sticky goo that had somehow found itself smudged across one’s body. It was on mine and deep within the cracks. Why was I here

The small bird squawks at me.

“Yes?” I hiss.

“Time for the next scene.”

Everything becomes black. Darker than any black I have ever seen in my life until now. And, suddenly, I’m standing in the middle of a rushing river in high tide. I dip my fingers into the water causing the water to turn red like blood at my touch. I feel my heart skip a beat and fear wash over me. I fight against the waves to get to shore and, as I finally reach it, I fall. I fall through the sand, and my eyes are overwhelmed by blinding light. As my eyes begin to focus, I realise that I’m falling in reverse… upwards instead of downwards and towards the roof of a skyscraper in the middle of a busy city. My body lunges forward with the impact as I land on the roof. My hands sear as I land on them too hard. An elderly lady walks out to me and offers me a choice between two pills. One pill that will make me sleep forever in a dreamless state and the other that will heal me. I choose the first one hoping to escape this series of weird dreams. The woman maintains a poker face as I bring the pill up to my mouth and swallow it.

I’m lying in a bed in a whitewashed room surrounded by surgeons. One checks her watch and says, “Time of death: twenty-and-thirty-six-hours.”

I sit up. “What? I’m awake now!”

“It’s a shame,” the doctor begins, pocketing her watch, “I know this one could’ve made it but she gave in instead of fighting to live.”

“No? I’m right here!” I yell, waving my pale hands in front of the surgeons’ face. I sigh and sit down. A sense of dread shimmers uncomfortably down my spine. I turn within the bed. There is a lifeless body staring blankly at me. My lifeless body. I scream instinctively. Then, I do something crazy. I throw myself at my body.

And, I’m sucked into an eternal and dreamless sleep.

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