Dear world, I have acne…

Dear world,

I have acne.

It really shouldn’t be a problem since it’s not really anyone else’s business but, unfortunately, people seem to involve themselves and make me feel like shit. So I’m speaking out.

I wash my face every day. Twice a day. I use toner, I moisturise, and I put hardcore benzoyl-peroxide-containing-gel on my spots. I’m even taking the pill to control my acne. I’ve been getting pimples since I was twelve, it got bad around fourteen, really bad at seventeen, and when I went on the pill the pimples disappeared for two years. But now (for whatever reason) they’re back. And, no, I haven’t significantly changed my diet.

The other day my mum told me that some colleagues at work have expressed their concern for me… I’m letting myself go, apparently… Not putting as much effort into taking care of myself… I asked her if it was because I’ve broken out in acne and not wearing make up anymore (stopped wearing make up to keep pores clean). She couldn’t answer that because the answer was a yes. And, honestly, I’m not surprised. When my acne was at its worst, I used to get people offering me advice weekly… While I acknowledge that people only had the best intentions and were just trying to help, I must say it actually hurt so much to have people commenting on it so often, especially because I was already trying everything they advised.

I guess, if anyone is still reading this rant at this point, I must beg you…If you see someone with bad acne (or any visible issue which looks bad) please, please don’t comment on it. Just suck in a breath of air and ignore it. Chances are they hate it and if you try to help (meaning you’re acknowledging how obviously bad it is) you’re probably only going to hurt their self-esteem.

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