The Boy

The blonde boy flashed me an excited smile, sending shivers right through me. His eyes shimmered like lost stars as they appraised me and, for a moment, it seemed like he was looking right through me. Except, he wasn’t looking through me, he was looking into my soul. I attempted to reach out and grab his hand. Except my hand stayed paralysed by my side.

The boy suddenly turned and began running away from me. As if connected by an invisible rope, I staggered after him. But I couldn’t keep up. My legs were too short and I was out of breath.

“Wait! Wait!” I called, but he kept running without turning around. It seemed like he was chasing something, but how could that be when I was chasing him?

He eventually stopped, stooping down. I toddled over to him and he stood with his hands cupped around something small. He slowly revealed what he was holding. A gorgeous ruby butterfly. It danced in his hands before flying away.

The boy met my eyes, leaning close to me. He cupped my chin in his hands, as gently as he had cupped the butterfly, and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. As he pulled back, thousands of ruby butterflies burst from my mouth into the air. And, just as I thought they were leaving, they came back and took me with them.

To fly was to be free.

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