10 Good Things About Working in Retail

So often we hear about the worst of retail but what about the positives? Here are 10:

  1. For shy people, retail often forces you out of your shell and ‘teaches’ you how to talk to people despite being nervous or without getting nervous at all.w8ytvv.jpg
  2. Retail also ‘teaches’ you how to smile. Before working in retail I never smiled and I was basically like Daria.o-DARIA-PILOT-facebook.jpg
  3. The thrill when you actually recognise regular customers.hey
  4. Discounts.Discounts.jpg
  5. Actually having a good/ interesting/ intellectual conversation with a customer. (It’s rare).good-conversation.jpg
  6. Flexible hours and the ability to swap shifts with coworkers.
  7. Working with awesome peoplegettyimages-524384403.jpg
  8. Feeling responsible for something important and learning initiative.
  9. Improved numeracyo-CASH-REGISTER-facebook.jpg
  10. Exercise. (Think: stairs, heavy lifting, constantly moving hands while either scanning or packing, etc!)






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