For the Friend Who Lies

If I had a penny for every time that you lied

I would have ten dimes.

How do people not realise

That there is false in all your lines?

I once considered you a friend of mine

But, now I see, you are more bitter than a million limes.

And, oh, how I plan revenge so sweet and so fine

For all the times you cut me down when I tried

For when you acted sly

And when you caused me to cry.

All I ever wanted was a friend

Who I could do life with till the very end.

What I Have Become

She stood over me and screamed

how I wasn’t enough,

how I stuffed everything up,

how I needed to shut up.


Her tongue was two-pronged

Like a snakes’

As she slivered on,

All you do is take, take, take.


I sat in the corner of the room

Crouched and shaking.

A child, trapped in her nook.

As she treated me like a crook.


And I sat there feeling slapped

For everything I did lack.

So I worked to change,

So that I could make her proud.


And one day I was crowned.

But the town stood against me;

They no longer liked me

now that I was named Queen B.


And she smiled and said,

“I am proud of what you have become.”

Stolen Love

The waves crashed against the rocks.

As we climbed higher



You grabbed a stone and drew a heart. Inside it we signed our initials. Forever.

But, last night, there was a storm and for some reason I felt forlorn. After you called, I went back to that secret place and that was when I saw. Our love had been stolen by the ravening sea.

And, I screamed.

But you could not hear me.


Do you think I’m the one for you?

I asked, biting my lip.

I’m not sure, do you?

He placed his hands on his hips.

Without a doubt.

And, shouldn’t you be sure?

I wondered, but not aloud.

I did not want anyone else;

I thought, afraid for the now.

He shook his head as I pouted.

And so we let the discontent grow

Until a fortnight ago.

10 Good Things About Working in Retail

So often we hear about the worst of retail but what about the positives? Here are 10:

  1. For shy people, retail often forces you out of your shell and ‘teaches’ you how to talk to people despite being nervous or without getting nervous at all.w8ytvv.jpg
  2. Retail also ‘teaches’ you how to smile. Before working in retail I never smiled and I was basically like Daria.o-DARIA-PILOT-facebook.jpg
  3. The thrill when you actually recognise regular customers.hey
  4. Discounts.Discounts.jpg
  5. Actually having a good/ interesting/ intellectual conversation with a customer. (It’s rare).good-conversation.jpg
  6. Flexible hours and the ability to swap shifts with coworkers.
  7. Working with awesome peoplegettyimages-524384403.jpg
  8. Feeling responsible for something important and learning initiative.
  9. Improved numeracyo-CASH-REGISTER-facebook.jpg
  10. Exercise. (Think: stairs, heavy lifting, constantly moving hands while either scanning or packing, etc!)






Do you miss me?

Do you miss me

Like I miss you

Do you think of me

Like I of you


Have you cried for me

The way I do for you

Have you wondered

The way I wonder too


My questions for you are

Why and how?

And I must ask:

Do you have any for me too?


Do you look at the photos

And the book I made you

Do you remember how

Our love was once true?


Have you written me a song

Like I wrote this poem for you

Or have you moved on

The way I plan to


Did you ever care?

Like I did once and maybe still do

Do you miss me?

Because I miss you.

The Accident

He is standing across the road. Everything about him is just as I remember. His dark curly hair is unchanged and he still wears the same suit. His dreamy grey eyes stare through me as if I am a ghost. I am leaning against my shit-box car with a badly rolled wad of tobacco dangling from my mouth and my thumbs in my jean pockets. It must shock him seeing me after so long. Seeing how much I have changed. Maybe he doesn’t recognise me. He turns around and begins to walk away. I spit the tobacco to the ground and stomp on it. “Hey!” I call out. I instinctively step forward to follow him. He glances back at me. His face crumples as he yells out to me as if to stop me. I notice it too late: A car racing towards me. Everything slows down. I can hear my own heartbeat. I thrust my palms out and scream. The cars’ tyres burst and it is flung into the air. It spins above me and crashes onto the ground, landing on its roof. The glass from the windows shatters and the engine explodes, bursting into flames. He rushes to the car, peering inside it. His face contorts in horror and he places a hand over his mouth. “They’re dead. They’re all dead.” He looks at me; half concerned, half disgusted. “It’s your fault. You freak.” I begin to cry. He comes to me and hugs me.

“I didn’t mean to,” I mumble.

“Don’t leave me,” he says.